Good communication reaches far and wide

OSG Communications has the pleasure of handling communications for some 40 clients. Some of our clients have outsourced all of their communications to us, while others work together with us on a project-specific basis. We enjoy long relationships with our clients - 90% of them have worked in co-operation with us for more than five years.

Communications agency OSG Communications – Cramo


For a great day at work

Cramo noticed that ever tightening competition is making the customer experience more and more important. And so the Cramo Story was born – a customer promise that crystallises the entire business philosophy of Cramo. 

OSG was responsible for the design, production and co-ordination of the concept, which is used in 10 Cramo Countries. Thanks to the concept, Cramo's Net Promoter Score rose to double-digits.

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Communications agency OSG Communications – Vaasan


Doing good with cinnamon buns

Vaasan joined the Pink Ribbon Cancer Foundation campaign for the first time to raise funds for breast cancer research.  

Vaasan joined the Pink Ribbon Cancer Foundation campaign for the first time. Working together with Vaasan, OSG designed and launched a delicious pink campaign, which addressed a very serious matter with a warm twinkle in the eye.

During the campaign, Vaasan sold 700,000 Pink Ribbon buns and donated over 20,000 euros to the foundation

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Turku Energia

More warmth and power

We worked together with Turku Energia to update its customer communications. We produce content for this vital Turku power company in every channel of communications, from social media to the customer magazine. 

In all communications, we shine a light on local feel-good stories and environmentally-friendly values. The result of this co-operation is, among others, a rise in the number of online newsletters opened and ordered as well as a positive customer response to the communications offering.

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— Confucius