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We have a great deal of experience in the production of customer and employee magazines, social communications, media relations management and strategic communications planning. We provide communications services cost-effectively, reliably and creatively. We have a quality system in place and are an MTL quality audited communications agency

Customer experience development

Is your company known for its outstanding customer experience? Customer experience is a competitive field where companies need to succeed. The challenge for a company is to get services, communications and all customer encounters to provide a positive, uniform experience for the customer. We combine our strong expertise in communications with service design methods, helping you to chart and identify the key areas to be developed from your customers' point of view. Our range of methods includes solutions, which we can use to help your organisation raise its customer experience to a whole new level.

Communications agency OSG Communications – Customer magazines and employee magazines

Customer magazines and employee magazines

OSG Communications have years of experience in the design and production of magazines. We manage the entire magazine production process and can publish magazines either as a turnkey project or performing the individual processes of your choice, such as layout or editing.

Studies show that customer magazines are an excellent way to maintain contact with stakeholders, distribute information and strengthen relationships. A well-executed customer magazine also steers activities and supports company sales or other goals. A customer magazine can serve as a platform for such things as a customer club, whose function includes not only the magazine itself, but also various customer events. OSG Communications produces over 60 high-quality customer magazines each year.

An employee magazine is the flagship of internal communications. Every organisation should put as much effort and attention into an employee magazine as they do into magazines aimed at target groups outside the organisation. An employee magazine presents the organisation's strategy and values, conveys information, supports the achievement of goals and creates the right kind of community spirit.

An organisation magazine is an integral part of membership. It brings together the members of an association or union.

Digital communications

The advent of digitalisation has effectively erased the lines between different media. People read the paper, listen to the radio and watch television online. On the other hand, there are also new ways of influencing, such as blogs and various community services. OS/G Communications offers a wide variety of solutions for online communications and we can help your organisation also raise its profile online. We produce online newsletters and magazines, we blog and manage your organisation's profile by a variety of means, also online.
We also produce online programmes, which are distributed to different stakeholders.

Communications agency OSG Communications – Graphic design

Graphic design

OSG Communications' experienced graphic designers create impressive looks for customer, employee and association magazines, books, annual reports and other communications materials.

International communications

OSG Communications has experience in the management of international communications projects. If desired, we will put together a team of communications experts from our international network to even take part in the planning process. 
We have found that the best results are achieved by using local expertise. Taking personnel from each country, we assemble a team that is suitable for our client in order to establish communications procedures. We handle the contact, briefing and publication of results, all under one roof. 

Communications agency OSG Communications – Crisis and change communications

Crisis and change communications

The purpose of crisis communications is to use communications in an effort to prevent or mitigate negative outcomes. OSG Communications helps organisations plan their communications for potential change situations, whether they involve a positive outcome or one that threatens the reputation of an organisation. In change situations, we will be by your side as communications provider.

Media communications/PR

Good media relations is one of the success factors for an organisation. A good public image is difficult to achieve without actively maintaining contact with journalists and understanding their needs. OSG Communications helps organisations actively maintain contact with journalists and examine their activities from a media standpoint.

Media and communications coaching

Few of us are born professionals - even when it comes to media. OSG Communications provides organisation representatives with coaching in how to represent their organisation in the media. We will help you convey the desired messages and feel more confident in various presentation situations. Our media coaching includes a video interview exercise, which we do in co-operation with a professional journalist.

We also help our clients communicate with other stakeholders. We have experience in, for example, communications coaching that promotes opinion leadership and coaching for writing.

Communications agency OSG Communications – Service design

Service design

Service design offers a systematic process and clearly-defined, practical development methods for a variety of challenges, ranging from the conceptualisation of new services to the drafting of a content strategy and development of the customer experience. We will help you tackle these challenges and show you how to perform your own service design.  

Internal communications

Internal communications should be planned and executed with as much care and effort as external communications. Employees who are motivated, know the company's goals and work in accordance with its common values are worth their weight in gold. OSG Communications helps organisations create an internal flow of information, which is based on openness, reliability and timeliness. We help in the development of internal communications, providing practical support and training.

Content Marketing

Functional content marketing requires content that pleases the existing customers and gets potential customers to make a purchase. Customer-based content strategy and design is used to transform company and product-based communications into content that serves and attracts customers and is interactive. It also ensures that the customer experience is consistent online and in social media. We will encourage you to come up with a content strategy based on your business objectives, brand policies and a deep understanding of the customer, taking into consideration their world, purchasing behaviours, concerns and goals. We also provide assistance in content production. 

Social Media

Today, social media can be found in nearly every area of life. Effectively making use of different channels makes it possible to reach a large number of people in different age groups. We produce content for various social media channels and maintain company accounts. We can also organise individual social media campaigns according to the client's wishes. We are thoroughly versed in the social media channels and their user bases, always choosing the right channel according to each organisation's communication aims. We are able to respond to changes and the latest twists and turns quickly and effectively.

Communications agency OSG Communications – Social media

Outsourced communications department

In many companies, OSG Communications serves as an outsourced communications department. We can take on a certain specialised area of communications or, if you so wish, your entire communications function. In our experience, we have found that a fully outsourced communications department is well suited to growing international companies or SMEs that do not want to establish their own communications department. The advantage of having an outsourced communications department is that you will have cost-effective access to all specialised areas of communications, from media relations to expertise in social media.

Influencer communications

Influencer communications and public relations management are ways for your company or organisation to convey key messages to target groups not reached with marketing and investor communications or through media. OSG Communications helps your organisation identify various influencers and creates a communications plan based on interaction. We also provide assistance in carrying out influencer communications.

Video production

Videos have become one of the cornerstones of an organisation's communications. Videos help your organisation stand out online and are an ideal tool for conveying a sense of feel and humanity. OS/G Communications drafts manuscripts, plans and produces videos for, among others, social media and internal communications. We are familiar with the different social media channels and their user bases. 

Communications agency OSG Communications – Communications strategy / communications plan

Communications strategy / communications plan

During the communications strategy process, we help you find the meanings of a good life in your organisation's activities.
The communications strategy specifies the internal and external communications goals, messages, approaches and indicators - when these are applied and implemented, your organisation will enjoy success now and in the future. During the OSG communications strategy process, we sum up your organisation's message in plain language and harness communications to promote success. In addition to the communications strategy, the people involved in the process are also given training in communications. We draft the strategy along with a concrete communications plan for the coming year.

Annual reports

A good annual report promotes an organisation's public image, clearly explains its financial situation, showcases its expertise and professionals, and sets a course for the future. A successful annual report is the sum of many parts. OSG Communications helps your organisation manage the entire production process, from idea to finished product. We have participated in the planning of annual reports for both unlisted and listed companies. We produce annual reports in both print and online.

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